Adversity Sucks

This past Thursday I went jogging with my girlfriend, parked my car in front of a playground where kids were playing, people were walking their dogs and old couples were strolling around. Right after our aerobic bout of exercise, we came to see my driver side window shattered, my cellphone and wallet missing from my middle compartment, and nothing else (no it was not visible).

My girl’s purse was in the trunk, however they couldn’t get to it cause the dumbass thought my hood release was the lever to open it. Guess he fled quickly cause we got back after just 30 minutes. This happened in daylight in front of a Community Center. I called in all my debit & credit cards and disconnected my phone within minutes of seeing this with the help of some bystanders. However no one SAW anything -_-.

So there I was, no debit card, no drivers license, no cell phone, no credit card, no driver side window and a whole bunch of glass to clean up. Even with this I still asked my lady to take me to work after I drove my car to her house cause I still had to train people. Still gotta do work!

The next day I managed to get a new window, new driver license issued, new debit card ordered, and a new cell phone with the help of my Love Jozelle and her Dad Uncle Joe, my Dad, and my clients Aris and Blake. Within 24 hours I was back on my feet and still moving forward.

What I am trying to emphasize is that adversity can hit you randomly, and how a person reacts towards times of great affliction defines who they really are.

Whether it be a car broken into, lost your job, failed a class, whatever obstacles you may face, there IS always a light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing that can prevent you from getting to that light and moving forward is yourself.

One stops themselves from getting to where they want to be may be because negative thinking is so abundant throughout media, society & internet. Eff that noise.

Don’t let other people put you down. Don’t let anyone say you CAN’T. As corny as it may sound it’s the truth. If one hangs out with people who think negative, one too will think negative. If one hangs out with people who believe in everything is possible and are very supportive, then you will think the same way.

When people saw me cleaning glass from my car in the parking lot, some didn’t care, some just felt sorry, and a few actually offered to help. I could have felt sorry for myself. There are those I know who may think “That’s what you get for leaving your stuff in there.” or those one uppers who say “Well MY car got jacked a few months ago and couldn’t drive to work for a week.”

How are those things going to help my situation? They’re not. The only way was when I asked myself “F*ck it, what can I do to get back on my feet and still train my clients, build my business, take out my girl and get work done for school all by tomorrow?” and actually came up with several steps to get to where I wanted to be.

I pulled everything together within 24 hours, and that is what happens with positive thinking.
Believe in yourself and your abilities. Don’t ever think a Pro athlete, a CEO of a company, a Doctor, a Lawyer or whoever may be better than you. They may have had a better start in life, but you can do just as much as they can, you just have to know you can.

They all breathe like the rest of us. They are human, and so are you. ANY person is capable of limitless possibilities. Sure there may have been some detours along the road, but when one door closes, another door opens. The problem is that some people tend to stop looking for that newly open door and wander aimlessly through the hallway. That’s what happens when one gives up.

Don’t ever give up, especially on yourself.

“It doesn’t matter how slow you move, as long as you never stop.”