Your Inner Child

Remember how it was being a kid imagining that anything is possible in life? Whatever you thought up had a chance of becoming reality as long as you made it happen. Whether it be saving the world as a superhero or pretending you have magical powers to entertain people. Whatever the case was, when you were a kid, you thought anything you did was and made you look awesome.

As we grew up, we see these things as silly notions of immaturity. When we reached that age of independence, to most of us it is all about being grown up and paying bills. You start getting use to the notion that dreams are nothing but figments of your imagination and that reality is a 40+ hour weekly grind resulting in your survival in this financially demanding world. Through this whole process, the care-free spirits we once were become cynical souls of the “real world.”

“It’s all part of growing up” is what the common knowledge is within our society, but I beg to differ. You ever look at individuals who have never stopped dreaming? They’re the most successful people in the world! They don’t have to be the richest and wealthiest people either. Money can buy a lot of things and make life a lot easier to live, however it can never satisfy what our inner desires are.

To satisfy your inner desires, your inner accomplishments you hope to achieve during your time here on earth, you have to have that childlike mentality where everything may be possible! One of the irritating and annoying things I’ve experienced working with a lot of “professionals” is that most of them take themselves too seriously. The few who don’t were actually the most productive and effective ones.

Look at Sir Richard Branson, who has dyslexia and dropped out of high school at the age Photo Credit: http://genese-de-strategie.blogspot.comof 16. He is now the man behind the “Virgin” Brand, a brand that almost anyone in the world can recognize! This guy is one of the most enthusiastic and fun people I’ve seen. People can say all they want about “Oh it’s because he’s lucky and wealthy. That’s why he’s so happy.” NO it’s not, it’s because of his child like mentality! In whatever projects he initiated, he believed, pursued, and never gave up! This guy went from running a record shop to building the first space tourism company! He is one of the many who emulate and exude that child like enthusiasm and energy.

Don’t lose your inner child, embrace it. It’s that little spark of fire inside of you that a lot of people tend to ignore because it’s the “mature” thing to do. If you really want to make something a reality, whatever it may be, listen to that little fire inside you. Everyone has that inner flame of hope burning deep inside them, all they need to do is fan the flames.


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