Long Live in Paradise RL



Exactly a week ago a family member of my Love had suddenly passed away. Needless to say it has been hard for the family to cope with such an immediate loss, but I want to dedicate this piece of my blog to the legacy he has left behind. Even as we leave this earth physically, what we have done and who we have affected will live on as our legacy, whether it was good or bad.

RL (Ronwald Lloyd) Temporosa’s legacy will burn bright and be carried on through his family and friends. His specific legacy in my eyes consisted of strong relationships with his family, friends, and his S2000. When I first met the guy, I was nervous as hell since it was the first guy cousin of my girlfriend I would meet. He turned out to be a pretty funny guy.

If you spent time with RL you would immediately notice two things; his infectious laughs and huge smile.

Pain, sadness and anger is all that flows within your emotions if you have lost someone close to you, and the only cure to these symptoms is laughter. Pain makes you weep, sadness makes you regret, and anger makes you blind, however if you laugh, you remember and live “in the moment.”

Laughter gives you the chance to relive your loved one’s life and instill the good times they have brought you during their time here. No one can take those moments away from you. It’s perfectly natural to feel the pain of the void that is left by your loved one, but constantly remembering the good that they have contributed to this world will show you that what they have done, stood for, and exuded in this world will always live on.

Big smiles, loud laughs, and having fun. Wherever you are, I know for damn sure you’re doing all three. Long Live in Paradise RL.


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