What is up!? I’m Austin Toloza and this picture pretty much sums up who I am. I am a very energetic person who loves coffee and Disneyland. Professionally I am the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Condition and Competition Kickboxing and also run their blog focused on Health and Fitness at CCKStrength.com. I also do some Personal Training gigs on the side for other companies, write articles for iSport.com, and have fun with a Youtube Channel I created.

I started the Life Up blog to help motivate and inspire people to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams. I got this idea while helping my girlfriend out with her issues on her career and personal life. Through our long pep talks that went from sunset to sunrise and helping her stay focused on a positive light, she grew as person and as a professional and is slowly but surely getting closer to where she wants to be in life.

I motivate and push people on a daily basis as a strength coach. The funny thing is it’s not always related to fitness. If you’re feeling down, frustrated, depressed, angry, or generally negative towards life, give this blog a chance. My hope is to have every reader leave this site seeing their life on the upside.


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