The “Secret” to Success

Within the fitness industry, it is common to see many people in pursuit of that “magic pill” or “super secret” way of getting to their goal as fast a possible, whether it be getting a six pack, bigger muscles, leaner body, getting stronger, becoming faster, or breaking a record. There is a constant search for that edge among many but only few realize that what they have been looking for has been within themselves at the very beginning of their journey to greatness.

I am talking about the mentality of training. Because of today’s marketing of such superficial products like




and constant media exposure to photoshopped models, many people may think that in order to achieve success in their training goals, one must improve everything physical about their body. This is only 10% of the formula.

The other 90% of the formula is mentality. The mind is a very powerful thing and has the ability to make or break us. This is the “secret” that 90% of people look for while the other 10% actually understand it. This small group of people go on to be the Olympians, professional and amateur champions in their respective sport, beat cancer, walk when thought medically impossible, break world records etc. Being in the “winning” mind set is the most overlooked method in my opinion.

One must be in the mind set of “I’ll make it happen” as opposed to “I hope it happens” to accomplish any goal. Too many people doubt themselves time and time again. Negative thinking is very common and is often passed on by those who have not accomplished what they have set out to do. They make themselves feel better by trying to get other people to think the same way. This makes me sick. One uppers and down talkers are the most annoying people in the world! However, if in the mindset of the “go getter,” these peoples’ way of thinking shouldn’t phase one in any way.

So the next time you’re out training for whatever goal you set out for yourself, train hard and dig deep. Push yourself past your physical limits when you have nothing else to go on but sheer will! Too often I see people do workouts they can “handle” and sad to say it but these people will never reach their true potential. Do not be afraid to raise the bar on yourself, because it will only make you stronger both physically and mentally.

If your usual is running a mile a day, well guess what, you should be running 1.5 miles a day the next week. If you’re squatting 315 lbs one session, gotta squat 335 the next. If you’re comfortable with your workouts, you’re doing it wrong. Training out of your comfort zone will not only yield results faster and more effectively, but it will make you mentally tougher.

This goes the same with working towards success. If you’re comfortable, you tend to lose your “hunger.” When you are uncomfortable in any given situation, it is your “hunger” that pushes you to make that situation better. Keep your mind hungry and focused and you’ll be amazed at how much you can actually do.

“Good things may come to those who wait, but great things are earned to those who pursue!” – Awesome Anonymous